Innovative cooling solutions
for hydrogen mobility.

Leading experts consider hydrogen technology with regeneratively produced hydrogen to be a climate friendly alternative to fossil fuels. The demand for hydrogen for the transport sector, as well as for other industrial areas and sectors, will increase significantly in the coming years.

Riedel Kooling Hydrogen Innovative cooling solutions

Technology from Riedel Kooling is used in the rectifier, the electrolysis stack, the gas cooler of an electrolyzer and at the hydrogen filling station. When it comes to achieving the climate turnaround, hydrogen plays a crucial role.

For example, the fuel cell will play a major role in the mobile sector. In addition to cars, it will be used primarily in trucks, ships and trains to convert hydrogen into electrical energy to supply the electric motors.

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We develop the right cooling solution
for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, right up to the fail safe
refuelling of vehicles, together with you. Precisely adapted to your requirements.

Riedel Kooling hydrogen solutions dev process
Riedel Kooling Hydrogen Hyland

Riedel Kooling involved in the HyLand project in the Kulmbach district.

As part of a nationwide innovation program to promote hydrogen and fuel cell technology, the district of Kulmbach is becoming an official hydrogen model region. The aim is to increase the use of renewable energies for hydrogen production, to build up a hydrogen infrastructure for cars and commercial vehicles and to create a market for corresponding construction machinery. There is to be an educational campaign on hydrogen mobility. In addition, technologies are to be developed that make waste heat from electrolysis usable. As the regional cooling expert, Riedel Kooling is involved at an early stage.

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