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At Riedel Kooling, we have always focussed on the individual processes of our customers and worked with our customers to find the suitable cooling solutions. Markets change dynamically, as do machines and processes. 

Our cooling solutions for electric mobility are used in HPC charging points. We can easily cover the cooling of battery storage systems in conjunction with HPC charging technology.  

What process do you want to cool? Simply make your challenge our challenge! 


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years of experience
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of cooling systems

Cooling systems for electric mobility. 

Cooling system for
powerful charging points.

Riedel Kooling Power2Drive Cooling System

cooling system.

Riedel Kooling Power2Drive Cooling System Illustration

Precise. Cooling of battery storage systems in conjunction with High Power Charging Stations. Particularly quiet operation. Low vibration.

Powerful. Thanks to the extremely high cooling capacity based on the installation space with direct cooling. Can also be used for particularly powerful charging points. Without compressor. Without refrigerant.

Flexible. We can integrate a comprehensive sensor network at the customer’s request (temperature, flow, pressure, power). The air path, which can be adapted electrically and hydraulically, can be freely defined.

Individual. The cooling system can be adapted to customer-specific designs. The refrigeration capacity required can be scaled in accordance with the power required by the customer.

Easy to install. Easy integration and quick installation.

Overview of our added value:

Precisely developed for your individual application
50 years experience
24/7 service hotline
Riedel Kooling Power2Drive E-Mobility Planning

From planning to implementation.

We will help you to plan and implement your projects right from the start. And we can give you even better assistance by getting involved at an early stage –before the project actually begins–so that we can work with you to define the specifications. All the contacts assigned to you (for sales, engineering and product development) are available at every stage of the project and during the entire product development process.